WA Sender (WhatsApp Sending Software)
Use WA Sender to send WhatsApp messages to all of your contacts list (Not for Spamming).

WA Sender's Top Features:

1. Send WhatsApp.
2. Filter Numbers Active on WhatsApp.
3. Group Sender.
4. Auto-reply.
5. Multi-accounts.
...many more useful features...

How WA Sender works ?

Step 1. Download and install WA Sender.
Step 2. Import Contacts list.
Step 3. Type your message/attach an image.
Step 4. Scan QR Code.
Step 5. Start Sending.

Disclaimer: Please note that WA Sender is not endorsed by WhatsApp company. Sending WhatsApp messages to the numbers which are not in your regular conversation (spamming) can cause your WhatsApp account temporarily or permanent banned, and WA Sender bears no responsibility for your WhatsApp account ban in any case. So always use any such software with abiding by its Fair Use Policies. Thank you
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SMS Randomizer
(Send Random SMS with Random Delays)
(Not for Spamming)
Use our SMS Randomizer software to send sms to your known contacts only.

SMS Randomizer's Top Features:

1. Send Random SMS.
2. Create Random Delay timings between each outgoing sms.
3. Create any 10 messages of your choice.
4. Send customized SMS using receiver's name in the sms..
5. Control how many sms, you want to send, using Auto Stop Feature.
6. Use one phone at a time to control number of sms per sim.

How SMS Randomizer works ?

Step 1. Download and install SMS Randomizer.
Step 2. Connect a mobile phone.
Step 3. Paste your contacts.
Step 4. Type your message.
Step 5. Start SMS Sending

Download and install SMS Randomizer's free demo version to check its complete functions and usefulness in real time.
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GMap Scraper
(Google Maps Data Extracting Software)
Use our GMap Scraper to extract unlimited business data from Google Maps without API.

GMap Scraper's Top Features:

1. Extract Unlimited businesses data.
2. Provide Unlimited keywords combinations.
3. Extract business name, category, address, website, contact, rating and reviews.
4. Independent from Google Maps API data limitations.
5. Export results to excel file.

GMap Scraper's Best Usages:

1. B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing.
2. Reaching new customers.
3. Reaching new markets.
4. Generating leads by SMS/WhatsApp or Calls.
5. Business trends analysis and demand forecasting.
6. Developing categorized businesses database.

How GMap Scraper works ?

Step 1. Download and install GMap Scraper.
Step 2. Type search keywords in Keywords List box and press Start Scraping.
Step 3. When All Done then press Export to Excel.

Download and install GMap Scraper's free demo version to check its complete functions and usefulness in real time.
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More softwares are coming soon...
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